PP/BOPP/Paper Poly

Explore the versatility and strength of PP, BOPP, and Paper Poly for your diverse packaging needs. Discover durability, water resistance, and exceptional printability—all tailored to redefine packaging excellence

Key Features

Discover the top features that make our product unique and powerful.


PP and BOPP provide strength, while Paper Poly combines paper’s resilience with polymer protection.

Water Resistance

BOPP and PP are resistant to moisture, ensuring suitability for varying environmental conditions.


All three materials allow for vibrant and high-quality printing, enhancing branding opportunities.


Suitable for diverse packaging applications, including bags, labels, and wraps across various industries.

Transparency and Clarity

BOPP provides excellent transparency, making it ideal for showcasing products like snacks.

Sealing and Barrier Properties

Engineered for effective sealing and barrier features, ensuring freshness and protection for packaged contents.

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