Scaffold Sheeting

Scaffold sheeting protects construction sites from weather, controls dust, enhances safety, provides privacy, and regulates temperature. Made of materials like polyethylene or PVC, it’s a standard addition to scaffolding structures in construction projects.

Key Features

Discover the top features that make our product unique and powerful.

Weather Protection

Shields against rain, snow, and wind to safeguard workers and materials.

Dust and Debris Control

Contains construction-generated dust and debris, maintaining a cleaner environment.

Safety Enhancement

Prevents objects from falling off the scaffold, reducing the risk of injuries.

Temperature Regulation

Offers some control over the working environment’s temperature.

Customizable Sizes

Available in various sizes and colors to fit different scaffolding structures.


Typically made of durable materials like polyethylene or PVC for long-lasting use.

  • *Ask about our custom printing capabilities. MOQs may apply.
  • *Fire Retardant and Non-Fire Retardant options

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